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Hi! I'm Sarah...

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and be a part of this Christian lifestyle experience. I hope it fills your day with sunshine, encouragement and inspiration to fully live while you're alive. 

I am a mom of three amazing men that I have the pleasure of also considering my friends. This season of life has brought me into the "Empty Nester" stage and although it took a little while for me to adapt, I have fully embraced the freedom this stage of my life offers. I am so excited to also say that I am a grandmother of four beautiful boys that are the light of my life and one more bundle of joy on the way! #Feb2023


I am a devoted wife to a loving husband of 19 years, who supports me in everything I get into- and trust me, over the years it has been A LOT! God bless that man!! I choose to live a bold, brave and full life. I want to make a positive difference in every single life I come across. I have been blessed with friends that have become my family and family I choose to be my friends. 


 I am an avid runner and artist. I love traveling and learning new things as often as my life will allow. But my heart has always been a writers heart. As a devoted and passionate Christian, I am excited to fuse my love of writing with my passion of leading a godly life of love, to offer inspiration to as many people as I can reach. May the love of God reach your heart and transform your life as it has done mine.

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