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A Better Version

I believe the Bible serves as an instruction manual on how to live a happy and successful life. It has become my absolute lifeline. It offers wisdom, encouragement, mercy and truth. Time and time again it reveals the vastness of God’s glory and His willingness to stand up and show out on our behalf. But inevitably and without doubt, we continue to make mistakes...some of which are real doozies!

But because of God's love for us, he offers us this hope and promise in 2 Corinthians 4:16: "...we are being renewed day by day." God is actively granting us mercy and forgiveness, if we only approach Him and ask for it. But you know the saying, "Actions speak louder than words." Our actions must show that we are looking to be better. The only way I have learned to do that so far is to declare daily that "I will be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday" and then actively look at every single moment as a chance to be exactly that! A few examples in my life are: looking for extra ways to be kind, I praise God with prayer and worship, I strive to be exceedingly patient and forgiving and look to only judge others in the manner I want God to judge me! (that last one is a SERIOUS game changer)

This does not mean we behave as phonies or fakes. This is just being better than I personally was yesterday or you being better than the you that showed up yesterday. And if you are always striving for that BEST version, then our mistakes and blunders will be smaller and fewer and we can simply love and grow in the ongoing beautiful, refreshing renewal process that God mercifully offers each of us every single day.

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