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A fresh take on the story of Noah

Usually when we consider the story of Noah, we think about the days leading up to the flood. We think about his obedience to God in building the ark that would ultimately save the lives of his family and every species of animal life. We think about the wickedness rampant in the world at that time and see that he was ruthlessly made fun of and ridiculed. He tried to warn the people but they just wouldn’t listen. And then the door to the ark was sealed and we know the rest.

There are many lessons to be learned from that part of the story. However, let’s think about another aspect of the story: their time actually IN the ark. I read something recently that gave me an entirely new insight that I am excited to share with you today.

Noah and his family were in the ark for about a year and they were unable to leave, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a vast ocean, in an unprecedented construction that had never been made. They heard the rain falling for forty straight days and constantly felt the ark moving. There were no windows, balconies or terraces. There was no internet, phone, TV, streaming, etc. But guess what? God took care of them and preserved their lives!

Right now, our regular way of life has been interrupted. We have been thrust into a "new reality" and are trying to adjust to our changing circumstances. My prayer is that during these challenging times, we never doubt that God will take care of us, because he is ALWAYS with us. I would encourage you to read Genesis chapter 7-9. It's actually very exciting for all of us who are quarantined and/or in some form of social isolation. Out there is an ocean of viruses, but the Lord is watching over us!”

I love the story of Noah. But his story just got a LOT more relevant to the story many of us are living. Take courage. God’s got you. God loves you.


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