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I recently attended a women’s night at my church. These events always have a nice theme, food and an encouraging speaker which truly rejuvenates me and fills my tank to be around so many fantastic women for a night of worship and encouragement. At this particular event, each setting had a tag attached to the utensil wrapping with a different word printed on it. The one I had said ‘Accepted.’

I kept it and used it as a book mark for a bit and then eventually placed it by a plant in my home (pictured). It serves as a subtle reminder every time I see it that I am truly accepted by God. I smile inside to be reminded of this fact and feel my tank being filled again and again.

The word accepted means “regarded favorably; given approval…” and we are assured in the Bible that each of us is fully accepted when we submit our lives to God and His ways. (Genesis 4:7, Romans 15:7, 1 Timothy 1:15-16, Ephesians 1:3-6, Colossians 1:21-23)

Think of the enormity of that! We are approved and regarded favorably by the most powerful being… our God, who created the stars, the planets, the animals, the oceans, our children and our own intricate beating hearts!! His creations are more than our minds can even grasp. Things here on Earth and in space are being discovered every day and we still aren’t even close to seeing it all.

On social media, I follow people who travel, explore and wander the Earth (some Instagram pages I listed below) as well as National Geographic, etc. The pictures that are posted allow me to see outside my personal reality and my mind is always blown at the beauty and creation that are on this Earth. The awe in these remarkable pictures fill my tank and give my day perspective. We are inundated by things that constantly deplete us, so to pause and see how much bigger life is, is such a simple way to ‘fill ourselves back up.’

The God we serve is amazing, to say the least. Knowing that I am accepted by Him, stamps out fear that threatens to steal my peace. As the scriptures say, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) This is a promise that I take comfort and pleasure in. I am His. Repeat that out loud every day and know that this applies to you too! YOU ARE HIS. YOU ARE ACCEPTED. YOU ARE LOVED. YOUR LIFE MATTERS TO HIM!

Live confidently and courageously in this fact.

* A few Instagram profiles to check out: @awesome.geography @natgeotravel @carlosaroundtheworld @discovery @theglobewanderer @welivetoexplore @wonderful_places

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