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  • Sarah Mascarello

Bring your praise

Our prayers and conversations with God can look very different from day to day. Sometimes all we can muster is simply bringing ourselves to sit in His presence. Some days however, we sing and dance and praise him joyfully. Some days we throw our burdens on Him. (Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7) But I learned a valuable lesson when I went on my first mission trip to Poland in 2017. I learned the importance of bringing our praise to God before we bring our requests.

There we were, in a beautiful setting in Poland – helping a church expand their ministry and build an addition on their existing church. They were so hospitable, friendly and all around full of joy. They were so grateful for us being there and among other things, the way they showed their love was by feeding us elaborate, home cooked, truly delicious meals. Before each meal we prayed. Their prayers both prior to eating, throughout the day and before services, were something truly to take note of. They were SO thankful! The prayers were like a 90/10 split of praise and requests.

This really made a lasting impression on me. When we express gratitude in prayer, the energy is literally palpable. You’re in God’s presence, eyes closed, smiling and feeling somehow lighter. God ALWAYS gives us what we need and never leaves us stranded or abandoned. This is an impressive and humbling fact. We don’t deserve it and we cannot earn it, but still He remains faithful.

I am grateful for my time in Poland and this lesson was a gift and altered the ‘makeup’ of my prayers. It changed my perspective on appreciation TO God not just OF God. There were many other lessons and beautiful moments that I will share in other blog posts I’m sure, but this one is on my heart and mind today. Hope it blesses your prayer life! (Psalm 150:6, Hebrews 13:15, Psalm 69:30, Jeremiah 20:13, Psalm 111:1)

Check out these beautiful worship songs attached! Enjoy…

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