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"Cell" Phone

“I finally realized it. People are prisoners of their phones, that’s why they are called cell phones.” -unknown

I don’t know who originally wrote this saying. I saw it on Pinterest and it really made me think. At any given time, no matter where you are, if you look around, heads are down and people are living more and more 'in' their phone. People are talking, texting, videoing, playing, reading, and so much more, right from the palm of their hands. It doesn’t matter where we are, cell phones are a core part of our lives in today's culture and it seems as though the human aspect of life is being chipped away and replaced with screen time and technology.

There is certainly nothing wrong with technology when used properly and with balance. I love that I have access to so many conveniences and activities right in the palm of my hand. Online banking, email, weather updates, a map with turn by turn directions, an amazing camera to quickly capture life’s beautiful moments, an alarm clock, calendar, fitness tracking, and I can even listen to past or present church services or access the Bible! There is an app for almost anything we can think of, ready for our use and disposal at any time.

Today however, I would like to pause for just a moment to consider the cell phone and our personal life. If Jesus was walking the earth today with his disciples, how much time do you suppose he would be spending on his phone? I truly don’t believe he would disapprove of us having one. In fact, he most likely would have one too and use it for communication or knowing Jesus, he would be sure to find a unique and awesome way to use it to spread the word. The question I am considering today is simply this:

If our goal in life is to be more like Jesus, do our personal habits with our cell phone clearly reflect that?

Being that our cell phone is a core item in day to day life, we need to be VERY intentional with how we use it and how long we spend on it. We know that idolatry is anything that we love more or put before God. Now would be a good time to pause for a brief self check in to make sure that our phones have not become an idol. Ask yourself and consider:

  • Am I going to my phone for comfort and a means to escape rather than going to the Lord in times of stress, boredom or crisis?

  • Am I spending extreme amounts of time on social media, judging others, envying, getting involved in negativity or gossip or trying to find a way to get an ego boost?

  • Do I panic at the mere thought of forgetting or losing my phone?

  • Can I say that I spend more time doing activities on my phone than I do with the Lord on any given day?

  • Do I treat my Bible with the same care and consideration that I do my cell phone?

Checking in for a fresh awareness of how we spend our time will help determine any necessary shifts to gently put ourselves back on the path that leads to eternal life. The enemy wants to distract us any way he can. We need to be vigilant with ourselves in every way. The Lord does not expect perfection and when he sees us being intentional about aligning ourselves with Him in every way, he will pour out his blessings upon us abundantly.

I will leave you with this final thought to consider:

Your cell phone has already replaced your camera, alarm clock, calendar and map. Please don’t let it replace your time with your Heavenly Father. He loves you and looks forward to every moment you choose him first.

Stay encouraged!

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