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Choose wisely

I have had many people refer to me as a “Ray of Sunshine” throughout the years. I always thought it was funny how many people used the same term and often wondered what I was doing so differently for people to make this comment. Reflecting… I think it is my consistency of being happy. I do know all too well how it feels to have one of those days where giving into laziness, sadness or frustration could be very easy. But I have always thought to myself that even when bad moods, bad days or even bad seasons strike, I have a choice. Things around me may happen that are out of my control but my reaction to them is very much within my control. And I simply choose to be happy.

I’m not saying I never have a bad day. But I refuse to let a bad day turn into a bad few days, bad week or weeks, etc. I stop and take it to my Father. I pray to God to give me eyes that can see what to be happy about. I ask for Him to infuse my soul with the power of the Holy Spirit and to make me supernaturally happy and request that He give me the wisdom to spot the multitude of blessings He grants me with every single day of my life! And then I thank Him! I thank him for the big things, I thank him for little things and everything in between. Expressing gratitude can turn a frown into a smile quicker than you could ever expect.

What I want you to hear and know with absolute certainty is this: YOU HAVE A CHOICE. I implore you… please choose happiness. Don’t get comfortable on that couch or in that sour feeling you may be used to. First, bring it to God. Pray for Him to show you what there is to smile about today. Then, act. Get up. Don’t give in to the comfort of your isolation. Don’t get lost in TV or social media- I promise those will steal your precious life away one minute at a time. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go today, walk around the block and look for the beauty surrounding you. Go to the mirror and repeat positive affirmations. (I’ve listed a few below)

Now granted, I have always been a busy body- so laying around just isn’t in my bones. Seems like all my life, I have always been into something. I want to soak in as much goodness in this life as I can and then gift it right back out to everyone I encounter. Although my hobbies have changed over the years, at this time I run, do yoga, play the ukulele, I’m collaborating on an upcoming Podcast and oh how I love a good book! I am also currently learning to speak Italian. It is such a beautiful language and listening to the words being pronounced on my app as I am cleaning or driving makes me smile.

If you make the decision to take up a hobby, learn a new language or get involved with a group activity, start by taking baby steps. Small, consistent steps=big change and a blessed life. There are tons of free apps out there that you can use to help you in whatever you aspire to do. Look at your local YMCA for group sporting activities if you are able. Get online and see what available opportunities there are to volunteer in your area. Even if it’s once a month. Serving others will help you find your smile possibly quicker than anything else you could ever do!

Maybe spend a day at Barnes and Noble browsing with a coffee in hand (one of my all time favorite things to do!!!) And then pick out one good book and devour it! Or, you could check out your local listings and see if there are any artisan fairs, farmers markets, or other free events that you can go mosey around at. Yes, it’s ok to go alone. Get an ice cream cone and stroll around until you find your smile. Or maybe this would be a good time to reach out to someone and cultivate your friendships.

(With all of that being said, I want to say that sometimes it may be in your best interest to get professional help. If you think you may have a mental health issue, please seek help immediately).

For those of you that find yourself often down and out, pessimistic, a “Negative Nelly” or finding that one bad day can throw you into a tailspin, please remind yourself not WHO you are but WHOSE you are!!

What I know for sure is this: God did not create us to lay around, feeling lonely, sad, bitter, angry, depressed or defeated. He created us to live a beautiful life. Each one of us is in charge of our own effort. If we give God anything less than our best effort to enjoy the gift of life, I believe it hurts Him greatly.

My prayer for each of you today is from the scripture found in Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him,

so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


· Today is a day of happiness and peace

· I have faith that God is working everything out for my good

· The Holy Spirit is with me today and everyday

· I am a child of the one true God. I am favored

· I am clothed in righteousness through Christ

· This week will be filled with miracles, breakthroughs, good news, abundance and love

· I am grateful for my beautiful life that is filled with so many blessings

· I am an heir, with the greatest inheritance

· Today is a gift and I am blessed to be here

· Today will be a positive, happy, healthy day

· I graciously accept good things into my life right now

· I will be productive and energetic all day. The sun fills me with energy and confidence

· I will move through this day with gratitude, grace and love

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