• Sarah Mascarello

Cultivating Confidence

When you think about the word confidence, what do you think of? I think of someone holding their head up high, not worried about what anyone thinks of them. I think of someone feeling sure of themselves and their decisions. It’s a quality many want but few truly have.

I looked up the meaning of the word confidence and was fairly surprised at the first description listed. It says, “The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.” With that description in mind, is there anything that you can say you truly have confidence in?

  • Are you confident that your car will take you from point A to point B? Sure.

  • Are you confident in a prescription the doctor gives you to help when you are sick? Of course.

  • Are you confident when you place something in the oven that it will get cooked? Absolutely!

  • Are you confident in your spouse, parents, children, or friend? Yes!

Yet, it’s funny because at any given time, any one of these things can fail us. They are not perfect and can let us down at any time, yet we remain confident in these things/people as well as many others. But can we say the same about our confidence in our God? He actually IS perfect. He has never and will never fail. And yet, we tend to question, doubt or even not believe. Our confidence may waiver and our misguided reasoning may seem valid to us. We may find ourselves wondering:

  • Sure, God can help me... but will he?

  • Is God even listening? Is he too busy with others to help me?

  • Have I done too much wrong to ever be in God’s good graces?

We have all had times of wavering faith and lack of confidence. It’s ok. No condemnation. God knows we are sinful and expects us to fail. All he asks is that we repent, turn around from our errors and continue to try. Now is the time to decide what steps can be taken to cultivate confidence in the Lord's ability and willingness to love you. Yes… YOU!

  1. Remind yourself of the truth of God from His word and replace your imperfect thoughts with His perfect truth. This requires getting in the word and learning more about who He truly is. (Isaiah 41:10, Proverbs 3:26, Exodus 15:2, Jeremiah 29:11, John 3:16)

  2. Pray for the Lord to bless you with confidence, wisdom and discernment through the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask him boldly to make His presence felt to you. (Romans 5:5)

  3. Repeat positive affirmations with quoted scripture. Example: Say with strength out loud and repeat “I am chosen. I am a child of the King. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God knit me together in my mother’s womb and desires to accomplish His will in my life.” (Ephesians 1:11, John 1:12, Psalm 139:13-14, Jeremiah 29:11)

  4. Practice. Practice. Practice. When you are trying to cultivate a new habit, belief or character trait, it will take time and practice. Be patient and know that it is worth it because walking confidently with the Lord will add quality, peace and joy to your life.

Stay encouraged!

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