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  • Sarah Mascarello


If someone literally told you every single day for a year that you are the best dressed person they have ever seen, do you think you would begin to believe it? Would you approach yourself differently in the mirror every morning? Would you begin to walk a little taller? Would you start to take notice of the people giving you glances throughout the day and surely think, “Wow, they see it too?” After a year, you would probably have to check your pride because in your mind, you were indeed the best dressed person that ever walked the face of the Earth! In fact, you would probably be so used to hearing it after a few months, that before the person could even tell you, you had already said it to yourself because you just knew!

Well, you were given 365 reminders in the Bible to “Not be afraid.” That means it’s said enough times to remind you every single day for an entire year!! This is not being told to us from a simple person. Our Father, our Creator, the most high God has told us that many times: Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Go ahead… say it out loud. Let it in because it’s truly the fact of the matter.

With God on our side, who could possibly be against us? If we are living a life not being afraid, what does that mean? That means we have courage! Yes you. You can live a courageous life. It also means we have peace. The word peace literally means “freedom from disturbance; tranquility.” When life throws any form of disturbance at us, we can instantly experience freedom and tranquility.

In the face of being a single parent- DO NOT BE AFRAID

In the face of a scary medical condition- DO NOT BE AFRAID

In the face of financial stress- DO NOT BE AFRAID

In the face of unemployment- DO NOT BE AFRAID

In the face of betrayal- DO NOT BE AFRAID

In the face of loneliness- DO NOT BE AFRAID

This list could go on and on, but please grasp this truth; Our God is able.

Anything people, circumstances or the evil one may throw at us, our God is BIGGER! He tells us not to be afraid enough times to keep us going every day of the year. How loving of Him. Say it out loud, write it down somewhere you can see it every day, set a reminder on your phone- whatever you have to do to remind yourself of this every day of your life until you become confident in this truth. You will see a shift begin to happen when you go from living fearful to fearless. Your faith will grow, and something inside of you will change. Give God your hand and let Him lead you into that beautiful courageous, peaceful space and enjoy your life on an entirely new level.

I encourage you to look up a few of the scriptures listed here. Click the link, listen to the fabulous song attached and take a moment to realize the power of living fearless is just in your reach. One of my personal favorites is John 14:27: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

(Matthew 6:34, Isaiah 43:1, Psalm 23:4, Psalm 34:4, Psalm 27:1, Psalm 118:6, Psalm 115:11, Deuteronomy 31:6)

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