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Finding fault

It’s times like these when we start to hear people say, “A loving God wouldn’t let this happen.” or, “Why is God allowing this?” Fear is making some start to finger point as they try to figure out the “why” in all of this.

When I hear God get the blame for bad things happening on this earth, it hurts me to my core. He didn’t create us for this fate. Evil happened. He didn’t make Adam and Eve sin, they did! Why aren’t people crying out and angry against the true enemy, Satan?

If we are mad or starting to point fingers, why aren’t we directing it where it should be? If you believe in God, then naturally you believe in the Devil. Why is God to be made the “bad guy” and the true villain gets off scott free? If we are mad, why aren’t we declaring, “How dare the enemy be so rotten! Shame on him and all the evil around him! I repent and turn around from any way I have allowed the enemy to deceive me and become a part of my life!”

Sometimes I actually find myself apologizing to God in my prayers that we humans have hurt him so bad. I apologize on behalf of mankind for our disobedience, arrogance and nasty attitude. We can’t imagine the magnitude of pain he is made to endure with the people that curse him, get mad at him and turn their backs on him and it’s not his fault! He gave us perfection and we threw it away LITERALLY the first chance we got! When I think of Adam and Eve, I just close my eyes and shake my head. And yet, I wonder… would I have done the same? I have had plenty of years of turning my back on God and deciding I simply had a better way. So wrong… so, so wrong.

Yet even after all my bad decisions, self indulgence, arrogance and pride- when I came back to him with my head in my hands, unable to even form the words, He opened his arms and welcomed me in. How do I know? Because literally everything in my life changed. I watched Him move mountains that I could not navigate on my own. I was given peace that I never, ever felt. I was able to offer forgiveness to others that I was prepared to hold life long grudges against. Even in moments when things are not ideal, I am able to find moments of true joy. And then the floodgates open and I experience the fullness of Him! It’s hard to put into words, but the experience is intoxicating. This is not wishful thinking, my experience of God’s action in my life has tangible, provable results.

So, when you find yourself calling out the TRUE enemy and take the steps to go back to God, what happens next? Take that moment of clarity to reassess your situation and your life. Take hold of that anger and use it as fuel to make sure every single thing you do, say and think aligns with the Lord and not that evil, wretched, twisted, mean, rotten enemy. Be determined to stay constant in prayer. Look to be an extension of the hands and feet of Jesus in every single part of your life.

Please don’t let the enemy win by making you mad at God. Remember who loves you vs. who wants to “devour you.” (1 Peter 5:8) Remember that the Bible warns that since we are living in a fallen world, “time and chance happen to them all.” (Ecc 9:11) So yes, bad things will happen in our life. But being rooted in the Lord, HE WILL ALWAYS RESCUE YOU! One way or another.

Deep breath.

Everything is going to be okay. This situation the world finds itself in right now will NOT last forever. But what a wake up call for many. This is the time to make sure you have chosen wisely who’s side you are truly on. This is not the time for wishy washy. In Revelation 3:15, 16 we are warned “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

We must decide for whom we live. If we do not make a decision, that in itself IS a decision. Please, friends, do not delay. I encourage you to act today. Speak to your Abba, your heavenly father now. He loves you so much!

I pray that the Lord removes the veil from your eyes and allows you to see the truth of the matter unfolding in front of us all. I pray that you will find comfort in a God who loves you and is willing to help you, if you simply call out to him. I pray that you will accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, repent and be saved. I pray that you find peace amidst the chaos and see the beauty through the ashes. I pray a hedge of protection around you and your loved ones. I pray God will activate his angel armies quickly and bless us with patience and unshakable trust until he does.

Sending love to you all! Stay blessed.

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