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  • Sarah Mascarello

He's knocking...

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:20

Imagine this…

Someone you love very dearly is on your mind. It could be your aging mom or dad, your grown son or daughter, or even a dear friend. You think to yourself, it would be nice to do something special for that person today. So you decide to surprise them with dinner. Without delay, you go buy food from their favorite restaurant. As you head over to their house, you find yourself in a fantastic mood! You’re singing along with the car radio, windows down, wind in your hair, you are just so excited to do something special and show love to someone that means so much to you. They’re going to be so excited!

You get out of the car with a pep in your step. You grab the dinner, the drinks and even the dessert! You’re literally smiling ear to ear in anticipation as you ring the doorbell. You’re planning to say “surprise” when they open the door, just for added effect. You giggle a little just thinking of their reaction.

It’s been a minute so you ring the doorbell again. Maybe they didn’t hear it the first time, no problem. But another minute goes by. Hmmm… ok, maybe they can’t hear the door bell. You knock, a good, hard, firm knock just to make sure they hear it for sure. Again, nothing. You look around and notice the car is in the driveway, they must be here. Even though it’s not acceptable behavior typically, this is a time where peering in the window seems like the right thing to do because now you are getting worried. Is he/she ok in there?

Sure enough, you spot them. Sitting on the sofa watching TV. Wait… that’s weird. So you go back to the door and continue to ring the bell and knock for five minutes straight. Nothing. You walk back to the window, and as you are watching them, you take out your cell phone and call. You see they look at the phone and then put it down without answering! Wait... what in the world is going on here?

Pause scene.

How would you feel in that exact scenario? Confused?? Hurt?? Sad?? Angry?? Rejected?? The person you love so much and went out of your way to do something special for is deliberately ignoring you. Although you rack your brain, you know you did absolutely nothing to deserve this. All you wanted to do was love them and they are not even wanting to hear your voice or have you in their company.

Unfortunately, this is a scene being played out metaphorically by too many people to even fathom. According to Revelation 3:20, Jesus is standing at the door… knocking. Can you hear him? Do you see him? What is your response to him? Are you ignoring him? Or are you running to the door to let him in and enjoy a meal with him?

Oh what a meal THAT would be! The scriptures assure us, Jesus is the bread of life (John 6:35) and living water. (John 4:10) Answering the door to Jesus is the most important decision of your life, because in fact, your life actually depends on it! We know that God desires to save us all (1 Timothy 2:4) but we must answer the call!

So today, I am here to encourage you to please… get up! Answer the Lord’s call for you. If you just show up and spend time with him one on one, he will meet you right there. He will meet you in your specific, unique, individual need. If you carve out time to put everything to the side and say “Here I am Lord!”, you will be astonished at how he moves.

How do I know? How can I speak on this? Because I have personally experienced God moving in my life and through my life and it’s better than anything this world has to offer. It’s something I simply must experience every day of my life. So I make the choice, each and every morning, to give Him space, silence and time to move. I pray, I read the Bible, I meditate and I welcome and invite God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit into my day, my life, my home and my family. Some days I get things very right and some days… not so much, but I show up again every single morning and surrender everyone and everything in my life to Him. I make the choice to answer the door! I made a vow to never turn my back on the Lord again. I have made the decision to never leave him standing there knocking and not answer. And that is my prayer for you today!

Prayer prompt: Father God, thank you! Thank you for wanting to come to my home and offer me living bread and water. I graciously accept your invitation and welcome you into my day, my home, my life, my family, my work, my hobbies and every single decision I make. I want to hear from you and see you move in my life. I want to marvel at you. I choose to carve out time for you today to read your Word, pray and sit quietly to hear the gentle nudges of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your provision. Remind me every morning to whisper “Thank you” the very moment I open my eyes. I choose to start my day with gratitude in my heart, no matter the circumstances in my life. I will search for the beauty on this earth and refresh my soul in nature, with music (worship), with people or any other way you prompt me to today. Thank you for your perfect peace and restoration. I love you now and will love you forever. In Jesus holy name I pray… Amen.

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