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Know it all

When I was a teenager, I truly believed that I had all the answers (as most teenagers do…insert cringe). Oy vey. I thought my reasoning made perfect sense and wasn’t really open to much of what anyone else had to say. Then I had a kid and grew up a little. Then I had two more kids, lived a little more life, and grew up a little more. A couple marriages went by, multiple jobs and quite a bit of chaos. I realized many years later, that not only did I not know it all… what I knew in fact was minimal and quite limited.

Then I was blessed above and beyond to be reintroduced to the One who DOES know it all!! Almighty God! He knows the what, when, how, who and why’s of our lives! He knows what we have been through and what is coming. He knows why we behave the way we do, even when we don’t. He knows who to put in our lives to give us the love and support we need and will put the right people in your path even in the most dramatically unexpected of places. And best of all, He knows how to prepare and position us for what lies ahead. He has the answer to every question and has the solution to every problem we may have. He knows what we don’t even know to question or consider. HE KNOWS IT ALL.

He is the true and rightful ‘know it all.’ And guess what? He wants to share with us SO much of what He knows! Ask Him and He will answer! Matthew 7:7 says: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find…”All we have to do is look to His word and approach Him daily in prayer. He wants to be our very best friend. He will never desert you, never betray you, never hurt you. He will lift you up, empower you, prepare you, guide you and love you unlike anyone else is able.

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