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Have you ever been on a boat? Have you ever been to a public pool or beach and seen lifeguards? You will notice on a boat, ship or at a pool or beach one item in common- a lifebuoy ring. You may think to yourself; those are probably rarely used or more of a safety prop to make people feel comfortable. But the fact of the matter is, they are used quite often.

When people are caught in a bad situation or in real danger, these devices are used and have saved countless lives! My brother was a lifeguard at a public pool when I was growing up and I remember watching him as they trained how to use it. The crucial part to saving someone with this device is their willingness to grab onto it. All they need to do is grab it, keep their head just above water and hold on. The rest of the work is done from the experts. The lifeguard will pull them right to the safety of solid ground nearby.

We have been given a life saving device that helps us in ANY aspect of life. All we need to do - is grab it and use it! The Bible is our guide to life and a true lifeline. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) It will help us through ANYTHING this world throws at us. It will keep our head above the proverbial water. If we do not hold onto it and utilize it in our lives, we are in real danger of drowning. Don’t worry, the rest is done from the ultimate lifeguard… Almighty God. (Romans 10:9-13)

Truth is, even when we don’t have the strength to grab on at first, if we just shout for help, he will dive in and save us from imminent danger. But he still expects us to be an active part of drawing close to Him after. (James 4:8, Isaiah 55:6-7) It’s like not knowing how to swim, having a near drowning experience and then learning how to swim after because we know we will continue to be in or by the water during our life.

Once you immerse yourself in His word, the transformation is rapid and intense. Reading the Bible does not mean that you have to start with Genesis 1:1 and go in perfect order. My recommendation to you is to start with Psalm 1:1. This book of the Bible is encouraging, enlightening and life changing. By the time you get to the end of this book, you will not want to stop. The next book, Proverbs is all tidbits of wisdom. It is situated perfectly because once you have had your spirits lifted from the Psalms, you are ready to receive the wisdom and enlightenment.

Let God guide you from there. And trust me, He will. (Psalm 65:4, Revelation 22:17)

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