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A few weeks ago, a bee landed on a window in my house. For a second, I thought it was inside, so I immediately went over to get it. I realized that it was on the outside, thank goodness, and after a sigh of relief, I paused and realized that I had never seen a bee from this angle or this closely while it was perfectly still. With the see-through double-pane barrier, I was braver to look closer. In fact, the way the sun was shining in, I really got an unusually bright, close look. I took out my phone, zoomed in close and took a picture (see attached photo). As I looked at the magnified image of the bee, I noticed things that I surely never would have noticed before.

The detail of the legs, the translucent, textured veins on the wings, the positioning of the eyes, the sharp terrifying stinger and even what seemed to be a little bit of weird fur. Now, I have never been particularly fascinated with the structure of bees (although I literally eat honey Every. Single. Day. and am incredibly grateful for them all). But for some reason, this close up, magnified version of this bee really intrigued me.

It got me thinking… What would we notice if we stopped long enough to magnify God? What details have we failed to notice or understand?

For the most part, we all know the basics; God is love. Fear God and keep His commands. Give our lives to Him, etc. etc. We know scriptures, we pray, we show an effort and try to stay obedient. But consider this: When you love someone, don’t you want to learn ALL about them? Don’t you want to know their stories and history and personality better and better every day? You ask questions and spend time in conversation with them. Not to pry but because you are genuinely interested.

What I have found is that we tend to put God in a human size box and fail to realize all He truly is. But, God has qualities I would like to magnify and learn more about. Like His amazing justice. In fact, here are some other qualities of God that grab my attention: God is wisdom, holy, faithful, truth, goodness, compassion, attentive, discernment, forgiving, gentle, loyal, tolerant, thorough, sincere, aware, creative, dependable, sovereign, powerful, infinite, perfect, eternal, in control and He is unchanging. Surely, this is just the tip of the iceberg. God is SO much more than we can even imagine.

What I have found is that the more I magnify Him through prayer, Bible reading and research, the more I discover about Him and fall in love with. This is such a privilege and honor and I wanted to just take a moment and encourage you to open His word today. Magnify our Heavenly Father and be amazed!

"Our God is GREATER; Our God is STRONGER; God you are HIGHER than any other!"

- Chris Tomlin, Our God

"God be GREATER than the worries in our life; be STRONGER than the weakness in my mind; be LOUDER- let your glory come alive. BE MAGNIFIED!"

- We Are Messengers, Magnify

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