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My Life

“I’ll do whatever I want, it’s my life!”

Yup… that was me as a teenager. When I turned 12 years old, it seems as though a magic “rebellious brat” button had been pressed. I am the youngest of four and had been watching quite a bit of turmoil inside our family for a couple of years at that point. Quite frankly, I simply had enough. When I turned 12, I decided it was my life and I would do it MY way, no matter the cost. There is so much more to that story, but the short end is: I was fearless, reckless and couldn’t see past the day I was in.

That combination set the stage for about 15 years of chaos and drama. Little by little I started pulling it together and I experienced a lot of growth from that 12 year old stubborn child. But the underlying stubbornness to go about MY life, MY way by MY rules (or lack thereof) kept me from ever truly progressing and feeling truly happy.

By the grace of God, when I was 27 years old, I met my husband Vinny. With him I found true love, stability and eventually…together, we found our path back to God. And do you know what I discovered? It is MY life! I will do it MY way! BUT!! My way is now God’s way and that is the difference maker!!!

Everything I want is built and based around my faith in Jesus Christ. Everything I want and strive for is for the glory of God. I consult God before making any big decisions and ask for HIS will to be done! I pause the desires of my heart to make sure those desires are in line with His word and His will. HIS WAY = MY WAY. I don’t always get it right, but I show up every day with a willing heart to live by that truth and He sees that and takes delight. Freedom and happiness are engrained deep inside of my soul because even when things happen that are not seemingly favorable in my world, I am confident that it is God’s will and it will work out for my good.

Raw truth: I am a work in progress. We all are. But every day I feel just a bit more comfortable with aligning myself with the King of my heart, Jesus Christ. I show up and He shows out. God grants me the desires of my heart not because I am worthy but because I align my desires with His desires. I check myself daily to rid myself of any selfishness and make my day for His honor and glory. I am writing this blog because I love to write and want to serve God in the process. The desire of my heart is to inject the love of Jesus into someone else’s day. I pray that this blog inspires, encourages and answer questions that someone possibly never even knew to ask.

So, I often like to leave a YouTube link with a song for you. Today I wanted to have a little fun with that. So!!! I am picking a song that is surely not what you will expect. I ask that as you sing along- when you hear the words “My Way,” replace it with “God’s Way.”

Imagine being able to capture every remaining moment of your life to live God’s way. Enjoy the transformation of the lyrics. God bless you!

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