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Peaceful perspective

I had a very interesting conversation with someone the other day and it has rooted in me something we all can use right now… peaceful perspective.

We were speaking about anxiety, fear and depression amidst chaos, fear and insecurity. He brought up the most amazing point that I would love to share with each of you. Many times in the Bible, Jesus is referred to as being “seated at the right hand of God.” (scriptures referenced below)

This is important to consider at a time like this because Jesus sitting indicates he is done. IT is done. He came to this earth, gave us a model for what a life lived for the Lord is to look like, he died a brutal death for our sins and rose in three days. He then ascended to the right hand of the Father. IT IS DONE! Friend, the battle has already been won.

We need to understand that none of this is surprising to God. He has already defeated Coronavirus, we are just watching it unfold. He's not pacing around in heaven trying to figure it out. Be at peace, the Lord is with you, if you call to Him. No one can defeat Him. No virus can alter or change His plans.

However, it is times like this that we are given a choice. I believe we are at what could be a true defining moment in our walk with the Lord. This crisis could very well be our personal “fork in the road.”

1. We can look at the light ahead, choosing to trust that God has our backs. We can see Him seated on his glorious throne and take a deep, cleansing breath and relax into a peace of mind that knows no matter how crazy things get, we are forever in the palm of His hands. We can seize opportunities to show love and grow deeper in our relationship with Him as well as our family, friends and neighbors. We can check in on others that are quite possibly in a worse position than we may be. We can choose to not hoard supplies but trust that God will take care of us and we can show love by leaving supplies on the shelves for others that have none and take only what we need to get through. We can reach out and offer prayer to those that are scared, confused or sick. If on social media, we can share scriptural truths, hope, love and encouragement. Although we cannot gather at our places of worship, we can still read and discuss the Bible together and keep one another encouraged.

But of course, there is always another choice.

2. We can choose to stay glued to the news all day long, growing deeper and deeper into fear and panic. We can close ourselves off from everyone and worry only about our own survival, our supplies, our money, etc. We can allow ourselves to become so preoccupied with the myriad of “what if” scenarios that we end up in a depression or utterly hopeless. We can get angry and lash out. We can spread false rumors and jump to social media to pile on with negativity.

My prayer today for all of you is that you will make the right choice. Choose to trust your heavenly Father who is madly in love with you! Choose to make today a good day, even if only in your mind and heart. Circumstances are not ideal, but no one can rob you of the love that was given to you personally when Christ chose to die for you. Soak in that love. As my Pastor likes to say, “Christ didn’t die for you to sit, sulk and sour.”

Dare to live today to its fullest potential, whatever that may mean for your life. Ask God to show you how to do that. Ask him to help you be the best version of yourself and adapt to this new normal.

Today, for me anyways, it has been to write this blog, to check in on some folks and encourage them. It has been spending some quiet, sweet time with the Lord in prayer and meditation. This morning it was to read the Bible aloud with my husband and have discussion and prayer time together. Today, I’m going to spend some time in the kitchen and fill my home with the aroma of a hearty, home cooked meal. I am going to spend some time in my studio painting and enjoy the process of a blank page coming to life.

Yes, I did take some time to listen to the President’s address to the nation and get current on the newest details of our ever changing “new reality.” However, I will not allow myself to become caught up and brought down by it all. Being knowledgeable is necessary but I encourage everyone to be intentional in refocusing your minds on things from above.

God bless you all.

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