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Resting in His silence

I love the depth of God. The way He moves can sometimes feel like such a mystery. I don’t always understand his timing or the ‘why’ to the way some things work out in life. But as my faith has grown and I’ve put into practice what being a follower of Jesus Christ involves, I have been blessed to expand my understanding of some aspects of God that I didn’t know before.

What I have learned and what I know for sure is that when we learn to rest, relax and fully submit to the silence of God, we will find ourselves in a beautiful space where some of the most significant growth happens. Sometimes God rolls in fast and powerful and answers our prayers in literally moments. But sometimes, He pauses. This quiet, (yet probably uncomfortable) space is where the glorious, life altering depth grows in us.

When we acknowledge and admit that we do NOT know everything that is best for ourselves and we cannot always see what is coming ahead and learn to submit fully to the fact that our Creator DOES… the calmness that washes over you and the inner peace that flows through your soul is a majestic experience. Sometimes, this feeling IS the answer to our prayers.

I have learned in these moments to simply say, “God, YOUR will be done in my life. You know what is best for me and will never steer me wrong. Take the wheel, I am officially the passenger and I will not ‘side seat drive.’ I trust your timing implicitly.”

Our lives are lived in seasons. There are seasons of blessings, seasons of turmoil, seasons of growth and seasons of silence (just to mention a few). What I like to do is view my seasons of His silence as seasons of personal growth as well and thank Him everyday for gifting me the ability to feel peaceful and content. I lean my imaginary seat back and simply enjoy the view.

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