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Seasons change

Fall is in the air and I couldn’t be more excited!! The night air has significantly cooled down. It’s still fairly warm during the day, but the oppressive thickness has finally seemed to subside. We can leave the windows open in our home longer during the day. Pumpkin everything is making a comeback and the mums are in abundance everywhere the eye can see. I’m starting to eyeball my fall wardrobe again and am excited for the change. I anxiously await the moment the trees burst forth with vibrant colors that make me feel like this earth is still a canvas that the Lord continues to paint. Ahhh… fall.

I love the life lessons that can be taken from how the earth functions. Our lives seem to also be lived in seasons. Ecclesiastes chapter 3 specifically speaks about some of the seasons to expect in our lives. The key is learning to properly navigate these seasons WITH the Lord no matter what they bring. I often pray for the Lord to help me not sit in sadness or fear during the difficult times and not let me get too puffed up during the good times, which can lead to self dependence instead of complete dependence on Him. I pray for balance. (Proverbs 30:7-9)

Just imagine the vibrant beauty the Lord will create in your life if you just continue to make yourself available to Him. Since he still cares to paint the trees on earth every single year during fall, imagine the beauty he can make of you, if you will simply hand the paint brush over to him. Get excited!! Ask God to show up and show off in your life today! Let him know that you trust him with ALL things and want him to make a masterpiece out of your life.

I know one thing for sure… He loves you more than he loves the fall, the flowers and the birds! Just read the words spoken by Jesus Christ himself at Matthew 6:26-30 that reminds us of exactly that! Praise the Lord your God for his perfect love and give him the glory and gratitude for all these amazing details in your life, and continue to remind yourself of his majesty and ability.

There is SO much to be grateful for! Don’t worry about tomorrow, it only robs you of the joy of today. Find the beauty in the details of the earth and rest in the promises of provision from the Lord. Gratitude serves as an instant attitude adjustment, so let’s choose to praise the Lord for all the goodness that really is all around us. Seasons will come and go, but the Lord remains forever!

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