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We’ve all been there. We are driving our car, jamming out to the music and static creeps into our station. Even if it’s slight, its annoying disruption messes up everything. We try to ignore it, but after a moment it seems like that is all we can hear. We finally stop singing to see if we can tune in better, or wait to pass the spot of disruption. When it doesn’t get better, in our frustration, we finally just change the station or turn it off altogether.

The same thing can happen in our walk with the Lord. Sometimes, life happening around us creates static that can disrupt our direct connection with God. The noise becomes too loud to tolerate. We try to ignore it, we really do, but the harder we try, somehow we end up focusing on it more. And before we know it, our connection with the Lord has lost its frequency altogether.

The scriptures tell us that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. (John 10:10) Sometimes it’s a frontal attack, bold and brutal. I feel like we immediately see that for what it is and dig into God deeper. But… other times, the enemy tries to wear on our nerves and break us down systematically by creating so much static around us, that little by little we lose our connection with God and maybe even shut him off completely.

Let’s be mindful of that today. When the static of life surrounds you, see it for what it is. Patiently dig into the word of God deeper. Stay faithful in prayer. Ask him to reveal himself to you. Ask him to show you the next step. Stay tuned into God and give him the chance to clear the static for you!

Stay encouraged lovelies.

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