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Strategy for victory

I heard a powerful sermon this past Sunday. The speaker talked about ways to walk in victory. The Bible tells us that we have been given all authority over the enemy. (Luke 10:17-20) The problem is that sometimes we may not recognize or acknowledge how the enemy is attacking. We may not fully realize when he is right among us.

Sometimes when something in our life is in disarray or upheaval, we may simply chalk it up to "life" happening and we may not think about the spiritual warfare happening right in our midst. Satan is pining away for our lives- one discouragement at a time- until we are totally defeated.

Being defeated will look different for each of us. Some struggle with health issues, others financial or relational problems. Some have life long battles with low self esteem, anxiety, fear, stress, etc. Please hear this: GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF ANY OF THAT! We need to recognize that these are schemes from the enemy who is bullying and harassing us, stalking us and seeking to devour each and every one of us. (1 Peter 5:8)

Sounds terrifying I know, but we need NOT fear! The enemy is already defeated!! We are equipped to fight FROM victory not FOR victory. However, to win any battle, we must have a strategy. Without a strategy for battle, we will become an easy target.

So, in a battle we know that the best defense is a good offense! We must be alert and aware for where we are personally vulnerable to attack. We must strengthen ourselves with the word of God. Simply put: READ THE BIBLE. Just get in there and do it. One verse at a time, one chapter at a time. Ask God to bless you with wisdom and clarity and watch as things begin to make sense. I have blogged in the past about ways to read the Bible but have recently heard a speaker say "If you want faith read the book of John... twice!" I reread it twice and was shocked how much more I was able to absorb and learn. The layers of the Bible are like an infinite onion. Just ask God to peel back what you need to get you through the day, the week, the month, etc.

Second, we need to stay in constant communication with God. Talk to him more than you do your spouse, bestie or even your momma. Wake up saying hi to him first. Let him be your final goodnight. And all throughout the day, speak to him- go him up! You will be astounded at how quickly the quality of your life improves. You will begin to align your thoughts with his thoughts, and what could possibly be better than that???

And finally, be aware! Take a personal inventory on your weaknesses and struggles. Notice how much attention in one day you are giving those issues. Insert deep breath... this one takes a little work but you must acknowledge and surrender each and every issue to the Lord and ask Him to make you more aware of how the enemy is taking advantage of you in these areas. In the beginning, this will most likely be a daily thing. But keep handing it over to God and ask him to help get the enemy off your back and out of your path. Then say out loud what you are grateful for in your day and be determined not the give the enemy another moment of your time.

This is a good start for a strategy. Remind yourself that although we are no match for the enemy and his ridiculousness, HE IS NO MATCH FOR GOD! And we are on God's side and he has given us authority to fight and WE WIN. He is fighting for us every day if we just keep showing up.

Don't give up. Don't give in. Head up! Walk FROM victory because it is truly yours! BLESS!!

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