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  • Sarah Mascarello

Take A Stand

“Always stand up for what you believe in… Even if it means standing alone.” -Kim Hanks

I guess the question you want to ask yourself is: What do you believe in? Jesus? Freedom? Equality? Justice? Kindness? Love?

When is the last time you truly took a stand for something you believe in? Lots of people are taking a stand right now for racial equality. There are some who are peacefully protesting, others have taken a stand on social media, etc. Taking a stand can come in many forms, span multiple issues and be displayed many different ways. I believe that taking a stand as a believer can definitely come in a variety of forms. Sometimes, we need only take notice of a need and act.

I am bringing this up in today’s post, based on an experience I had at the market today. I am mindful of the scripture at Matthew 6:1 that warns us to, “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others…” but for the sake of this devotional today, I want to share my experience.

As I was exiting the market, I saw an elderly man standing, leaning against a short concrete pole divider while trying to steady himself with his cane. The way he was standing looked awkward and odd. I noticed that he was alone. As I was walking past him, I felt compelled to ask him if he was ok. With his mask on and strong southern accent, I couldn’t make out exactly what he said. I only made out that he needed to sit down and he said they took away all the benches.

I looked around and sure enough… not a bench in sight. Ugh...the things Covid has taken from our normal. I asked him if there was anything I could do to help and he stared at me for a moment with a suddenly softened look in his eyes and said, “No, but thank you for showing me love.” I wanted to help so bad but didn’t know what to do. Go inside and buy a chair? That would take too long. Turn a shopping cart on it’s side to let him sit on that? Not sturdy enough. He wouldn’t have made it to my car to sit, if he couldn’t even make it to his. Maybe I could unload my groceries and bring my car up front to let him sit in it a while until he could regain his strength? I was at a loss.

He insisted he would be ok. As I walked away, I figured, “ok, I’m going to get my car and bring it back for him to sit down.” But as I was walking, I spotted an employee. I immediately went to him and explained the situation and he quickly went over to help the gentleman. My point in telling you this story is to simply point out that there is need literally all around us everyday. Do we notice the need and take a stand to do what is right? When Jesus noticed need, he helped. Period. Even when he was tired. Even when it was inconvenient. Even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do.

I felt like I really didn’t do much to fix this gentleman’s problem. But the way he looked at me and responded really struck my heart. He saw my taking notice and checking in with him as “showing love.” Isn’t THAT what it’s really about after all?

My pastor usually ends his sermons by saying, “Remember, this building is not the church, WE are the church. We are blessed so we can BE a blessing.” 2 Corinthians 6:17 says, “Come out from them and be separate.” In a world consumed with self, let us dare to separate ourselves from the crowd and take a stand for what we believe in! Let us take a stand to BE the church, to BE a blessing to others and BE like Jesus in every way we can!

Stay encouraged.

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