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The cure for chaos

I heard the Mayor of New York make a pretty interesting statement the other day on the news. He said, “Our society as we know it is changing by the hour.” Now, I am fully aware of the fear and chaos that is ravaging the world at this time, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. I am truly saddened for those who are ill, those that have passed or have had loved ones pass away.

I am extremely grateful that my family and friends are healthy and I am blessed to not be feeling fear or anxiety about the situation. I am paying attention and remaining aware of the ever changing circumstances, but my soul remains calm and at peace. However, with the wisdom of Proverbs, I am still exercising prudence and preparing for the possibilities of quarantine. Yesterday I found that while I was at the store, seeing empty shelves and people scurrying around, double fisted with full carts, I found that I started feeling a little more angst than anticipated. A number of times I had to whisper to God for His continued peace, protection and provision. I had to continue to remind myself of a saying that I heard on the radio just moments before I entered the store.

“The world is not falling apart, it’s falling perfectly in place.”

We know that the Bible tells us that “there will be terrible times in the last days.” (2 Tim 3:1) In fact, there is warning after warning about the chaos that will ensue in the last days found in the book of Revelation. BUT! We must remember that the Lord will “take hold of your right hand.” (Isa 41:13) He will keep us safe and strengthen us. (Isa 41:10) If we choose God, if we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and have repented of our sins and lead our life (in the best of our sinful ability) to “love God and others with our whole heart,” then rest assured that God has our back! (Matt 22:37)

There is no need to be filled with fear. We want to exercise good judgement, common sense, discernment and prudence. We want to be an active part of our own lives in accordance to His word and His will. However, we do not need to be trapped and become victim to the fear, chaos and turmoil gripping the world.

When the world gets too loud for you, dare to let Jesus be louder!!

I pray safety and health over you all. I pray that God fills your heart and soul with his perfect love and peace. I pray that you are escorted through this mess by the hand of our glorious King and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. I pray that no matter the circumstance, you remain faithful and continue to praise our Father and bring Him honor and glory. God bless you all!

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