• Sarah Mascarello

The infamous 2020

This year has been quite the doozy to so many of us. The worldwide onslaught of Covid has brought terrible sickness and over 1 million deaths, mass unemployment, stay at home lockdown orders, business and school closings, inability to travel, mandatory mask wearing in all public places and even...toilet paper hoarding! This year has also brought an abundance of fear, anxiety and insecurity as we have experienced an explosive racial divide and social unrest, the heated political climate with the impending election, daily protests, shortages of certain currencies of money, unprecedented wildfires and hurricanes, and even killer hornets! And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If we are not careful, it would be easy to get entangled in the negative emotion and feelings that come with any one of these situations, much less all of them together in just a matter of one year. Today I was speaking to a friend who said she is experiencing a situation with someone she knows who is angry at God and on the verge of losing her faith all together. She even considered that maybe she doesn’t even believe in God anymore. My heart felt broken at the thought of that. My response to her was simply this:

“If your friend is mad at God then she believes in God. If she believes in God then she believes in Satan. So, why is she not mad at Satan who has proven to be the cause of all the bad and evil in the world? Why is she mad at God? She is falling directly into the carefully laid trap that the enemy placed in front of her. GOD IS GOOD. SATAN IS BAD. Why don’t people turn their back in anger to the one who is constantly trying to hurt us and press in even tighter to the Lord who is here to protect and rescue? Why does Satan get off scott-free in people’s minds, while they get increasingly more angry with the Lord? It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

As a person that has been directly saved by the grace of God and has seen and experienced miracles in my life, I can assure you that God is still VERY active on this earth. He wants to help us. But we must be a willing participant in the process. God is right here, right now, ready to save you, if you simply call on the name of Jesus and in faith choose to follow him.

The Bible assures us that this will all soon come to an end! Jesus will return and the enemy will be destroyed once and for all, along with those who side with him. PLEASE friend… don’t fall into the trap of sinning against God with misplaced anger. Don’t inadvertently side with the enemy because you are frustrated, victimized, sick, poor, grieving, jobless or angry. It is the enemy who roams around seeking to devour you! Let’s call him out for what he is and remember who God has ALWAYS proven himself to be.

Boldly dare to turn your back on the enemy by making the choice to choose Jesus today. And believe me, once you get to know Jesus, you can’t help but fall in love with everything about him. And the bible tells us that when we know Jesus, we know the father. And if God is for us… who can be against us?

So yes it’s true, 2020 has been challenging in many ways and it seems as though no one is getting out of this year unscathed. But can we just let this serve as a gentle reminder that this is NOT the time to turn our back on God. This is the time to burrow in, take refuge and cling to Him for HE IS GOOD!

Stay encouraged.

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