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Thought Eviction

When we think of the word evict or eviction, we think of someone being kicked out of a home for lack of payment. In fact, the actual meaning of the word is “the action of expelling someone, especially a tenant from a property.” Although I have not experienced this personally, I am pretty sure it involves a legal process that takes a little time and intention.

Last year I heard someone speak at my church and they said, “Evict any thought that does not agree with the word of God or His character.” That struck me hard. Evict the thought! Not just stop thinking about it, or let it go but EVICT the thought. That means go through the process of getting rid of the thought permanently! That will definitely take a little time and intention. So, how do we do this?

I believe the first thing to do is to repent. Admit to God immediately that your thinking is not lined up with his and ask him to help bring scripture to mind to replace the untruth you are saying or believing. For example, you are having a “bad hair day” and you think some unkind things about yourself in the mirror. Instantly recognize that you are speaking unkindly of God’s creation and say something to the effect of, “Lord, I repent for thinking unkind thoughts about myself. Your word says that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. You made me in your image Lord. Thank you for your complex and beautiful creation.”

Next, I would add this issue to your prayer list until you have memorized the scriptures pertaining to the issue. So in this case you would jot down Psalm 139:14 and Genesis 1:27. There are many other scriptures that can be used in this case but this is a great start. Continue to pray about the matter and speak words of love, life and kindness out loud over yourself in the mirror everyday until the issue is removed.

Obviously, I just used a little example that I think at one time or another, most of us are guilty of. There are so many thoughts that may enter our minds about ourselves, others, our past, our future and life situations. It is crucial that we stay aware of our thought life and swiftly EVICT any thoughts that do not line up with the word of God or His character.

When we go about it properly, once they are evicted, they will not be back! God will fill you with his fruits of the spirit, cover you with a blanket of love and compassion and your future will reap the reward.

It will take a little time and intention but it will always be worth it. YOU are worth it! Stay encouraged!

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