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Welcome, welcome, welcome! Thank you for taking the time to come to my blog and share this moment of your day with me. I am SO excited about this new journey! For those of you that may not know, my prior blog started as just a way to live my life in honor of my cousin Heather (who was like a sister to me) after she passed away. That blog added more depth to my life than I could have ever dreamed. The healing, restoration of relationships, forgiveness, connection and new depth in embracing every day was just the beginning. When it wrapped up, the stats showed that the blog was being read in 16 countries! I was so humbled by that- and frankly, I still am. I did not advertise in any way and could not imagine it would have been circulated to that extent.

So, with this blog I figured... what better message to reach people with than the love of our glorious Father?!?!? I live every aspect of my life with Him at my side. I wake up talking to Him, walk with Him throughout my day and rest in His grace and comfort as I close my eyes at night. Some days this process is easier than others. I walked away from my faith many, many years ago and am humbled that He left the 99 and came back for the 1. (Matt 18:12-14) The 1 who had walked away tired, angry, bitter and deeply hurt all those years ago. I have been back in His arms for 6 years now and will NEVER turn away from Him again. That being said, no matter how long your walk with God has been, life still happens. That is why when things are good, it is crucial to strengthen our armor with His word, His love and His promises, so when the going gets tough, we are strong enough to see it through without breaking.

I look at the Bible as life's manual and I love fully immersing myself into the Bible's teachings as if I am searching for hidden treasure. (Prov 2:4) I love sharing the word of God with everyone that crosses my path, either by words or my actions. Love, patience and forgiveness are the building blocks of my character, which truly takes daily cultivation and practice.

I am SO excited about this new chapter in my life. I am officially launching this new blog, working on my highly anticipated book, working on amazing items that will soon be for sale on this site and so much more. I am grateful that you have chosen to join me as I blog about what life as an imperfect Christian looks like. I hope you find it enlightening, encouraging and fun. Hit the subscribe button so you will never miss a post! I welcome any feedback, comments or requests. Just click on the Contact button at any time. God bless you and your journey.

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