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Well Done

Every person likes to be acknowledged or praised when they do a good job. Even when we were kids and came home with an A on a test, earned a Certificate at school for good behavior or completed an amazing art project, we anticipated the moment we would get home from school and be able to show our mom and/or dad our accomplishment. When they celebrated and praised us for a job well done or gave us a high five or even better yet… found our paper a prime real estate spot on the fridge, we would swell with pride and display a smile that went from ear to ear. (At least for me this was the case.) Maybe now as an adult, it’s just a small gesture or acknowledgment in a staff meeting or an “Attaboy/girl” from our boss that feels so nice. Either way, it just feels so good to hear “Well done” in one way, shape or form.

I've shifted a bit over the years how I desire to be patted on the back. I am living my life, my every single day with the anticipation of the ultimate pat on the back. I want to face God one day and hear him tell me He is so proud of me. I look at the choices I make, the words that come out of my mouth and the way I choose to spend my time all as part of the entire package that I will account for when my earthly life is complete. (Matt 12:36) It’s ok, it seems heavy but it’s truly not a hard way to live. God still wants us to enjoy life and abundantly blesses us for these efforts!

Think about it, He lovingly created us with unique personalities, senses to see, touch, feel, hear, speak and smell. He gave us colors, beautiful scenery and seasons, an unbelievable variety of food, etc. He left out no detail. That is for our enjoyment! He wants us to enjoy our lives. (Ecclesiastes 3:12-13) There are multiple examples in the Bible of people gathering together, enjoying each other’s company, eating, drinking, etc. I just try to be mindful and balanced to the best of my ability and remember that God does not expect perfection, but He does expect us to surrender to Him, which includes participation and willingness to try our best to follow the guidelines He has set for us.

There is an amazing song by The Afters called Well Done that really speaks to my spirit. (link below) It’s a beautiful song and I strongly encourage you to listen to it. What will it feel like to hear one day “Well done, my good and faithful one. Welcome to the place where you belong. Well done, my beloved child. You have run the race and now your home. Welcome to the place where you belong.” I hope one day that is exactly what we all will be blessed hear.

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