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  • Sarah Mascarello

What is your word for the year?

Happy New Year friends! Thank you so much for your continued loyalty and support. I am excited for the direction this blog will be taking this year! Meanwhile, I find that today is a great time to look back and thank God for any goodness of the year that has passed, glean lessons from what went sideways and look forward to actively placing our new year in His hands. “Your way, Your will Lord.” However, we are participants, not just spectators in our own lives. Setting goals, choosing a word for the year or even a scripture to memorize for each month in the upcoming year are fun ways to get active in teaming up with God.

I would like to share with you my word for the year: SURRENDER. I have found that actively surrendering to God, no matter the circumstance, keeps me in the present moment. And living in the present moment keeps worry and/or anxiety away and savors the beauty of right now.

Surrendering what I can and cannot control. I surrender my day in the morning and my sleep at night. I surrender my family, marriage, friends, hobbies, work and more. I surrender my spirit, soul, body, heart, mind and will. I surrender my hopes, dreams and goals. Surrender takes the pressure off. Even in seemingly everyday things, surrender makes the difference.

For instance, before I go for a run, I surrender it to God. Once I do that, I’m just there to do my best and enjoy the moment. The pressure comes off, no need for perfection. He will equip me to do what he wants for me at that moment.

Surrender is just a prayer away and it is an every day game changer. I know and trust that when I surrender all to a God who is bigger, better, smarter, more loving and able- I am in great hands. I look forward to seeing where God takes those of us willing to surrender to him in 2022!!

Stay encouraged and have a blessed year ahead.

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