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When insomnia strikes...

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Picture this: It’s nighttime, just starting to get late, you're on the couch, snuggled in watching a movie- trying desperately to keep your eyes open. You decide to stop fighting it, turn everything off and slowly and deliberately climb into the safety and comfort of your bed. 

You were so exhausted in fact that once you are all tucked in and comfy, you realized you didn’t even brush your teeth before bed as you normally do. That thought leads to another thought, leads to another thought and before you even realize it.... you’re wide awake! “Ok Ok, it’s on my mind so I’ll go brush my teeth,” you think. But once you do that, you’re really awake now! 

You contemplate going back and finishing the movie but decide against it. It’s late, you know that deep-down you are very tired, and now with a nice clean mouth you climb back into the comfort of your bed and close your eyes. (insert deep breath) But moments later, there you lay- eyes wide open. 

Ok, so this may not have been your exact experience but I can pretty much guarantee that we have all had something like this happen to us at one time or another. Or that dreaded moment when you wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason? You think to yourself, did I hear a noise?? Do I need the bathroom?? Why did I wake up so suddenly in the dead of night?? You look at the clock and it reads 3:23 am and you feel instantly frustrated, which by the way only makes you wake up more! 

So I have had both of those experiences more than once in my lifetime. I am grateful that it is not something I struggle with a lot, but it happens every now and again. So I wanted to write about it and am happy to share with you what I have found to be a tried and true cure! And the best part about this solution is... it’s super easy. 

I tend to have a busy, overactive brain. I’m sure I’m not the only one with that issue. Once my brain starts up, some days it takes everything I have just to keep up. For the most part, I love that about myself. But in the middle of the night- not so much. 

So when I find myself lying there all busy brained- making lists and thinking about whats to come tomorrow or in the future, I take it to God. I ask Him to calm my mind and help me feel peace inside and to be assured that everything that needs to get done will get done at the right time. I ask Him to give me meaningful rest and repair anything in my body that requires attention. I then pray for my family and friends to experience His peace and comfort as they rest as well. And if any other people pop into my mind, I pray for them too. 

So, it may sound like my mind is busy praying but as I just lay there talking to Him, the next thing I know... it’s morning!! My prayer was answered and I fell asleep in the best place I could ask- His loving arms. And of course, before I even let my feet hit the floor I thank Him for helping me through the night and for the opportunity to have another day.

Matthew 11:28 says: “Come to me... and I will give you rest.” In verse 29 it even assures us that when we learn from Him, we will “...find rest for our souls.” God didn’t miss a thing. He knew we would all have moments of restlessness, whether emotional, spiritual or even physical. 

Bring yourself to the feet of Jesus in these moments. Come to God and allow your Father to help you find a peaceful rest for your body and soul. May the blessing of restful sleep be upon you.

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