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When there are no words

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Have you ever showed up to talk to God and legit didn’t even know what to say? It may be that circumstances around you felt so overwhelming that you couldn’t even find the words. It may be that you were so humbled that you just hung your head and had no words. Or it may be that you were in such awe and your heart was so filled up that you couldn’t grasp the words to describe the joy, beauty or amazement in your soul. But you showed up to the feet of God anyways. To thank Him, to ask Him, to apologize to Him, to praise Him or to simply sit with Him.

For someone like me, a person rarely at a loss for words, being without words is VERY uncomfortable. This has happened to me quite a few times, but it mostly happens when I simply don’t understand why something is going the way it is or when I am ‘over the moon’ moved by one of God’s amazing creations. It’s quite frustrating when I find myself at a loss for words or when I feel like my arsenal of adjectives simply do not suffice.

I prayed and asked God to help me in these speechless moments. I don’t want to just say, “God, you know my inner most thoughts, please respond accordingly.” Rude! LOL (I laugh because this is actually what I used to say in these moments.)

However, I felt stirred and moved when one day I came across the scripture in Matthew 6:9-13. This is the scripture of part of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus literally gives us a model of a prayer. He gave us the model, an actual example! Really let that sink it. Maybe it was for moments like these. I’m sure it was also to assist and give direction to newbie Christ followers, but I strongly feel that with everything Christ said and did, when applied properly his teachings can fit into so many avenues of our lives. He knew that life would make us speechless at times. It’s humbling to remember how deeply he knows us.

Anyhow, I have come to practice this in my times of “simply no words.” There are times to simply sit quietly in His presence, and I recognize that. But when I want to speak with Him and have no words, I just start with this model prayer. Every single time I do this, after I say it- the words just flow out of my mouth and I pray to my Father with an overflow of gratitude for the ability of self-expression.

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