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  • Sarah Mascarello


Today’s adventure was an exotic animal park in Troutman, NC called Zootastic. This was a YES PLEASE as far as outings go for me! This was not just a typical zoo. As we walked around, looking at the beautiful, unique creatures, I realized that they seemed… happy. I have never been to a zoo or animal adventure park where the animals were more clean, lively and spirited. The weather was made to order and the people there all seemed happy as well. I needed that. Don’t we all? This place was a vibe and the perfect way to start the day.

Walking in, we were greeted by a peacock roaming around like he owned the place. If I didn’t see one more animal, I would have left there happy because this guy was gorgeous. I remembered how when I was in Poland, peacocks meandered all around the local parks and I thought that was so crazy and amazing. I wonder if it’s like that all over Europe? But I digress… there was still so much to see.

As I reached my hand in through the fence and pet the kangaroo, which by the way was as surprisingly as soft as a mink, I couldn’t contain my smile. As I fed the camel that towered over me, secretly hoping he wasn’t going to spit lol, I daydreamed. As I watched the monkeys show off their acrobatic skills, listened to the howler monkey shout and sing from the depth of his lungs, and watched the leopard roll around scratching his back and purring so loud I almost thought it was a growl, I marveled. As I snuggled up to the head of the gentle giraffe and fed him carrot sticks, I giggled. The lion made me stand in awe and the sloth bear made me say “awwww” out loud. I felt deeply moved. I was expecting a zoo and instead had an experience.

Today, I was reminded of the beauty of creation and the gift of being unique. I reveled in the creativity and artistry of the Lord. I thanked Him for the variety of both animals and humans. In regards to intentional living, this was an A+. If you want to feel restored and reconnected, head to an animal encounter or zoo. You’ll be glad you did!

Genesis 1:25-31 To God be the glory

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